How to Kill the Head Lice

Infection with head lice is a very common problem worldwide, especially among school children.

Lice pass from one person to another during direct head-to-head contact. This is because lice cannot jump, fly or hop; they can only transfer to another head by walking along strands of hair.

Children whispering secrets at school or families enjoying a cuddle at home provide head lice with the ideal opportunity to travel from one head to the next.

Lice seen on pillows, hats or chair backs are not capable of transferring to another person.

The belief that head lice are associated with poor hygiene is common but misfounded. Lice are equally likely to be found on clean or dirty hair.

Head lice should be seen as nothing more than an unpleasant inconvenience that can be treated.

How to kill the head lice naturally?

Drown the lice with coconut oil.  Cover your hair with coconut oil for about 6 hours, then wash with your usual shampoo.  Repeat once every seven days for four weeks.  At the same time if you would like to have a healthy hair and smooth skin, use virgin coconut oil.

It is simple and safe, non-toxic.

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